+++ May, 31st 2019: International “Enjoy a cigar day” +++

We are a public, grassroot democratic interest group of consumers, who are fighting for our individual right to enjoy cigars when and where we liked to.

Over the last years the anti-tabac-movements has spread through Germany, Europe and the whole world. The tasting and enjoying of cigars is restricted and banned not only in restaurants and bar, but also in cigarlounges. There is a tobacco ban for inside and outside smoking in a lot of countries. The plain packaging is reality in Australia und is going to be in the Netherlands.

The governmental restrictions of our individual rights are increasing more and more. Therefore we need our support! The more people act against ist, the larger is our voice in the public and in the politics.

Join now and support us!

We are now reworking our website. In the future you will find here a lot of informations about current topics, standard letters for politicians and a lot more!