1. Is there a commercial affiliation with this business? Answer: Absolutely not, the only reason KK Management GmbH shares the same registration address with CRE is that way we can ensure that any postal correspondence is handled in a timely fashion. CRE e.V. is a completely seperate entity with no affiliation to KK Management GmbH.

2. What are the membership fees amd donations used for? At this point all funds are used to market CRE with the means of flyers, lapel pins, pull- up banners and other marketing materials. The members of the board all work pro bono and there is no money paid to any individuals, nor are funds used for any expenses such as travel and food. CRE members contribute with their own private funds for such expenses. A detailed financial report will be available for visible transparency to all CRE members bi-yearly.

3. What is CRE’s mission? What does CRE hope to accomplish and what is the current state of affairs? The InterTabak 2016 trade fair in Dortmund was the crucial starting point to get CRE off the ground. We are all novices to running a non-profit entity and are still in the starting period of making CRE known to a wide audience. As all members of the board have very dense professional schedules, we are trying to invest our time and dedication to CRE as much as possible, but naturally we only have limited capacities of time, so the work for CRE is moving as fast as possible. Our current main objective is to accumulate as many private members as possible. Only in a big group we can gain influence and a voice to be heard within politics, with officials and the press.

4. Who is behind CRE? Who are the members of the board? Who holds what position? CRE was formed in October 2014 in Zurich, at which founding members of 7 nations were present. Those people are: Mirko Giotto, Geneva, Switzerland Stephane April, Geneva, Switzerland Ivan Mazuranic, Geneva, Switzerland Manuel Fröhlich, Zurich, Switzerland Karl Martin Brix Nelson, Helsingborg, Sweden Jan Vistisen, Copenhagen, Denmark Maximilian Gottwald, Münster, Germany Kolja Kukuk, Münster, Germany Reinhold Widmayer, Wien, Austria Tobias Hüberli, Switzerland Marko Bilic, Split Croatia Miroslav Bajtos, Bratislava, Slovakia During this first meeting the members of the board were elected: Kolja Kukuk – President Ivan Mazuranic – Vice President Maximilian Gottwald – Treasurer Reinhold Widmayer – Secretary 5. What are the next steps?

Responsibilities ambassadors: 1. Every ambassador should be well read and informed about local legislation within their region and country and able to pass own said knowledge to new prospective members. It is also crucial that ambassadors provide their regional members with the contact information of their respective local legislators and representatives. The eMail addresses of said representatives on city, county/state and federal level should be provided to CRE members. 2. Every ambassador has the responsibility to sign up at least ten new private and/or corporate members until December 31st 2017. 3. Every ambassador shall contact every standing and new member within their region personally (send a welcome eMail and lapel pin, stickers, other information materials) 4. Every ambassador shall actively produce social media content with local updates and ideally form a separate Facebook Page for their region (e.g. CRE Bavaria) 5. Every ambassador shall provide a portrait picture and a little information about themselves to the members of the board for giving „a face of the association“.